Howard Bashman is recognized as an authority on the use of technology in appellate litigation. He has been invited to speak, and has spoken, to many groups of judges, lawyers, and law students on that cutting-edge topic.

During 2004, Bashman has addressed or will address the following groups on the subject of technology and appellate litigation: the Eighth Circuit/Federal Judicial Center Conference on the Future of Electronic Filing in the Federal Courts of Appeals; the thirteenth annual Conference of Court Public Information Officers; DRI’s fifth Appellate Advocacy Seminar; the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s seminar on Appellate Advocacy in the Pennsylvania State Courts; and the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology.

The role that technology plays in the appellate process is likely only to increase in importance in the coming years. Bashman is committed to remaining a leader in understanding and using technological innovations that are essential to a successful appellate practice.

The technological innovations that Bashman views as most important are those that make it easier than ever for clients to assist their lawyers in preparing the best possible appellate briefs and those that allow the quality of services to be heightened while at the same time reducing the cost of those services to the client.

Finally, technology allows Bashman to remain as responsive as possible to the needs of his appellate clients. As a result, he can be in contact with his clients, and work on their matters, wherever and whenever needed. He can work with lawyers located in distant cities and towns as easily as if they were located in the office next door.



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