During the nearly fifteen years that he has worked as an appellate litigator in private practice, Howard Bashman has been privileged to represent a wide variety of clients that have all shared a single goal — to achieve the very best outcome possible on appeal.

What distinguishes the most talented appellate advocates from the undifferentiated mass of lawyers who handle cases on appeal? The answer is that the very best appellate lawyers possess demonstrated intelligence, real-life practicality, unquestioned experience, excellent writing skills, and success at delivering appellate oral arguments in complex, high-stakes cases.

Thanks to his long track record of demonstrated skill and accomplishment in crafting successful legal strategies, writing appellate briefs, and arguing appeals, Bashman is widely regarded as one of the most talented and successful appellate lawyers who regularly practices before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and the state appellate courts of Pennsylvania. In 2003, on the strength of his appellate practice, American Lawyer Media named Bashman one of Pennsylvania’s top 40 lawyers under the age of 40. Bashman is also one of the most well-known appellate lawyers of his generation in the United States.

Bashman’s appellate accomplishments — on behalf of corporations of all sizes and individuals of varying means — have included victories for clients in appeals where significant issues of law and very large sums of money, totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars, have been at stake. Online here, you can access a list of some of Bashman’s most significant appellate representations and copies of some of the most significant appellate briefs that he has recently filed.

After having chaired in succession the appellate litigation sections of two of Pennsylvania’s most highly regarded law firms, in February 2004 Bashman left big firm life to open his own Pennsylvania-based appellate boutique. Now, he is free of expensive big firm overhead and no longer has to turn down potential clients because of an actual or perceived conflict with the clients of some other big firm lawyer.

Today, Bashman is pleased to offer clients the same top-notch appellate services as before, but at a cost less than that charged by Pennsylvania’s largest law firms. And unlike at a big firm, where a client cannot be sure which lawyers will actually be working on an appeal and whether they possess the skills and experience required to prevail, if you hire Howard Bashman to handle your appeal, you can be sure that he himself will research the law, write the briefs, and argue the appeal.

If you are a lawyer or litigant whose case is on appeal or heading there, please contact the Law Offices of Howard J. Bashman to learn how Bashman can be of help to you.



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